Watts up?

Hey, public domain!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years now. Or rather continue where an old one left off (link added for comedic value. Please don’t judge me). Or maybe I’ve just been waiting to become some awesome athletic swan-Phoenix hybrid who looks amazing in her race photos and has insightful things to say before starting one up.

Unfortunately for us both, that last bit hasn’t happened. I’m still only 5’5.5″. I’ve never enjoyed talking about myself or giving people glimpses at my inner workings. This goes double for totally selfish endeavors like my little triathlon career, which I do entirely for self-gratifying purposes.

I had a bit of a breakthrough in 2011, though, so am feeling pretty self-gratified, and maybe even ready to share what I’ve learned so far. Also, I’ve lost some weight and will be rocking a sweet kit this season, so there may be hope for the race photos, too.

So here’s my totally unique angle for this project: I like racing and thinking about the macro and micro “economics” thereof. I’ve enjoyed pushing my mental limits, and hope to discover (and divulge, if I’m not feeling selfish) ways to dig deeper physically, too.

Aside from all this, why am I suddenly inspired to write? Basically, I lined up some sponsors for this season who want to hear me make some noise. HOLLAAAAAA!

Welcome to my blaargh: Watts Up, Karin?

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