Chronicles of the Homeless Triathlete

It’s been INSANE, kids: the last 7 weeks or so have been full of heady madness… and the same could be said of the last 7 months (at least). Follow me here, in roughly chronological order:

  • My personal and coaching relationship with Hayes came to an end.
  • I became homeless, but for the kindness of good, generous friends and teammates
  • 2 friends announced their pregnancy (waiting for a third announcement any day now, as things happen in threes).
  • I raced 3 events in 4 weeks, none of which I took lightly or wanted to use as a “training day.” (Galena Triathlon, Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon, Ironman Kansas 70.3)
  • Work has taken me to new places (literally), and thankfully delivered me into the arms of good friends in Austin, TX, Madison, WI (my home away from home), and Virginia.
  • 2 friends’ parents passed away (NOT waiting for a third tragedy here, thank you, Universe).
  • I’m homeless again.
  • I’ll hopefully be “settled” in a new home sometime this week.
  • Heading to San Diego this coming weekend for family time.
  • Heading back to Madison and to New Orleans for the first time for work….


So for the purposes of keeping this blargh somewhat on-topic, I’m going to concentrate on the 3 races, with all the other ancillary stuff (which is NOT SMALL STUFF, mind you) in the margins. Here we go!

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