Happy New Year!

Say what? We’re 4 months into the new year? Whatever.

MUCH has happened since my last post. New apartment! New job! New neighborhood! New coach! New mug! New schedule! New training logistics!

And now, 14 15 weeks later, much of the above is new again. I attempted to make the new job and new training situation coexist, and ended up unable to whip myself into shape in either arena: long days and late nights made morning workouts that much harder for a decidedly un-morning person. My fab new apartment was coming together nicely, although I haven’t seen it in a few weeks: a new relationship has rescued me from the doldrums of wintery Chicago, whisked me away to Southern California, and made me ridiculously happy. It has brought a new sponsor and training partner, as well as daily inspiration to work as hard as he does… almost (and within reason for an “off”/non-Ironman year).

Running in SoCal. In April. In a t-shirt.
Running in SoCal. In April. In a t-shirt.

I also have my 2013 race schedule more-or-less set, and there’s nothing “old” about it. No traditional “favorite races” from years past, and no course/competition retributions.

  • Spectating Oceanside 70.3 (March 30). Spectating totally counts. This was my first time in a support role at a major event (my attendance at IMOO and IMKY don’t count), and it was a total blast. Aside from wishing Dusty luck and keeping our eyes peeled for the distinctive Wattie ‘W,’ Lindsay Zucco, Eurostar, a number of Watties and I just hung out on Oside’s “hot corner” and watched the pros and our friends kick ass. I learned a lot about tactics at the pointy end just by watching: watching Heather Jackson make her move on the run, watching Andy Potts not panic with 7+ guys hot on his heels, then making his move decisively late in the run, watching Jesse Thomas move up in that pack give everything but recognize why Potts won. It was awesome to party with HJ after her victory, BTW.
Lead pack at mile 1. Potts pushing the pace, Aviator in 4th.
Lead pack at mile 1. Potts pushing the pace, Aviator in 4th.
  • Surprise! Piru 20k TT (April 7). 32:0x, 1st Public Woman, 1st Overall Female. There were only 7 women there, but I’m told my time was good, and I executed well: negative split, higher power in second half…pretty good for just going out there in my regular training trim: the only thing aero about me was my position and my helmet.
Our prom photo for tri dorks.
Our prom photo for tri dorks.
  • I’ll be swimming a 500 at Master’s meet in 2 weeks for Conejo Valley Multisport Masters. My first Masters meet, can you believe? First meet since… NCAA Division III MIAC Conference in 2000. Wow.
  • Wildflower Long Course (May 4). I previewed the course last weekend. More on this below.
  • Boise 70.3 (June 8).
  • Spectating Vineman 70.3 (July 14. Sold out by the time I realized I’d be available on this date… so I’m going to watch and eat and drink, like ya do. We have rezzies at The French Laundry, la di da de.)
  • Boulder 70.3 (August 4)
  • Age Group Nationals – Olympic (August 10, Milwaukee)
  • Vvvvvvegas for IM70.3WC?
  • …then who knows, if anything. Leadman Bend or Austin 70.3 are on the radar if I’m still kicking in September/October.

    Meanwhile, thanks to digging a hole for myself after Kona last October, then not being able to find my footing for a few months once I was ready to start training again, and overeating all along the way, this season is off to a slow start, ifyouknowhwatimean. I’m rewriting my expectations for this season as I go. I’m also catching up on all of the physical therapy I haven’t done in the last 2-5 years, which is more important than pushing through for another year… I guess. As a result of my current condition and conditioning, and after seeing the course and recognizing my weaknesses right now, Coach Steve and I have agreed that Wildflower will be an aquabike. We called it now, a few weeks early, just so I can wrap my head around having to surrender my timing chip after T2. Ouch.

    We’ll see where I am another month hence at Boise. It could be another aquabike, a great training day, or maybe we’ll take the reins off. In any case, emphasis will be on Boulder in August and generally rebuilding for another Ironman year in 2014.


4 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. Hi!!!!!!!! I hear ya on EVERYTHING you said, girlfriend! As disciplined as we are and as much as we love the sport, there are some changes the bump in and we just have to feel them out, wait them out, and then move forward when we can. I will be rebuilding right there with ya. Have a great season! I bet once you get going you will see more success than you think you will. I have no doubt. And maybe we can plan one together in 2014! Oh, and congrats on the sunny California guy. 🙂

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