Devon Palmer noticed me!

I am the most credible among the people who claim to be The Real Starky and were written about in Competitor Group’s Triathlete Magazine. (Thursday, May 20, 2014. By Jene Shaw.) PS, I REGRET EVERYTHING.

Slowtwitch did a spread and a thread on the AeroCamp Dusty Nabor and I attended and I wrote about in January 2014. Heath Dotson, one of AeroCamp’s organizers, wrote a blog on The Making of AeroCamp.

Do USAT Rankings count?

look down here, at the bottom...
look down here, at the bottom…

My Chicago Athlete, Winter Sports edition, November/December 2012.

My Chicago Athlete November/December 2012, Pg. 16






















Also doesn’t count, but LOOK, MA, I’M ON TEEVEE! Excerpt from NBC coverage of Kona, 2012. (Aired October 27, 2012.)

This totally doesn’t count, but: I see London, France, and my friends and me in underpants! TriCenter From Kona: Underpants Run & Get-Togethers. (By Steve Godwin. Published October 12, 2012.)

Who to Watch and Follow at the Ironman World Championship 2012. (Wednesday, October 10, 2012. By Fit-Ink.)

Chicago triathlete takes home win at Door County Sprint Triathlon. (July 22, 2012. By Kate Bongiovanni.)

Well-Fit Athlete of the Month, October 2011 – Karin Langer. (Wednesday, September 28, 2011. By Well-Fit Triathlon and Training.)

Competitor Magazine Winner’s Circle, October 2010.

“Well-Fit Elite athlete Karin Langer didn’t plan to race the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon on June 27, let alone win the 30-34 age group. The Chicagoan was supposed to tear it up at the Hy-Vee Triathlon in West Des Moines two weeks earlier, but inclement weather turned Hy-Vee into a sprint with a short swim. ‘This didn’t play to my strengths at all,’ the collegiate swimmer says. She also broke her toe racking her bike in T2. Broken toe and all, Pleasant Prairie was a last-minute decision for the 32 year old — she registered the Friday before — with surprising results. ‘I averaged my highest mph at a race yet and was really pleased with my bike split,’ she says. Her age-group win was good enough for fourth overall: plus her boyfriend and coach, Hayes Sanborn, won the sprint’s 30-34 age group to finish fourth overall in his race too. ‘It was a good day for both of us!'”

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