Race Recaps from 2013: Because Blog

Typical tri-blogs like thishere generally include, if not focus entirely on, race reports.  With few exceptions –notably two of my three Ironmans—I haven’t written much about my races. A sprint or two here, my first swim meet as an adult there, some detail (because I remember minutiae), but lots of general musings about racing. I’m […]

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Paying Dues

Recently, an esteemed acquaintance said that I haven’t yet paid my dues to the sport of triathlon. He didn’t mean it in a jerktastic way –in fact he was saying it to comfort me— but it made me think. I trained for my first triathlon when I was staring down the barrel of my 30th […]

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I have the very good fortune of being able to train with a group on a regular basis. I’m a member of Well-Fit Triathlon and Training, a coaching service and training facility here in Chicago. We have an Elite Team (who doesn’t these days? But Well-Fit’s was one of the first!), comprised of good-hearted but […]

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